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Nov 18, 2019

GudangVoucher.my (GV) is a Micro Payment Gateway, also known as e-Payment Solutions focusing internet payment channel using Voucher Code/Prepaid Code as a transaction code

GV Voucher Number can be purchased electronically/virtually and can be used to make payments to e-commerce sites such as game online, VOIP top-up, prepaid internet access and mobile content payment (ringtone, java game, wallpaper, etc.), as well as other internet content/services.

GV is a registered trademark of PT. Buana Media Teknologi, a registered Company in Indonesia. GudangVoucher.MY is managed by Buana Media Technology Sdn. Bhd. registered in Malaysia, a subsidiary company of PT. Buana Media Teknologi.

GV has been recognized as the first and biggest e-Payment Solutions in Indonesia. We are holding more than 30 big internet player servicing game online, portals, internet access, etc. as well as partnership with other major payment gateway within the country as well as International Payment Gateway in Malaysia.

GV e-Payment Solutions allowing Internal banking payment within GV Banks account will be processed instantly (real-time), without any manual payment confirmation process by our customer services. Our host-to-host system to the banks' banking system allow us to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless there were some maintenance schedule from the banks.

To our business partners and merchants, It brings a greater flexibility, convenience, and potential savings. In addition to helping you quickly establish your online transaction capabilities.

GV e-Payment Solutions offers 2 highly effective and efficient solutions as follows: -

  1. Internet Payment Gateway Services
  2. Merchant Collection Services & Partnership

Internet Payment Gateway Services

We are offering merchant partnership with any e-commerce sites or mobile services. With our payment gateway services, the merchants can effectively manage sales transactions by collecting e-payments directly through the Internet, plus flexibly manage its sales account by using our online administration tools. What's more, we are securely connected to our banks for payment processing.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Local currently and payment acceptance leveraging the GV banks secured channels.
  2. Real-time payment authorization
  3. Hassle-free system set-up

Merchant Collection Services & Partnership

Whatever your service in the Internet, we are widely open a chance for partnership as merchant either you are personal online entrepreneur or company. Our merchant collection services enable your company to collect debit payments from customers effectively through the following collection channels:

  1. GV Banks Internet Banking Transfer Payment;
  2. More than 800 Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) at GV Banks branches.

Key Features & Benefits

  • One-off set-up for the above channels
  • Quick and easy review of transaction records
  • Low transaction costs
  • Highly secure payment platform
  • Simple system set-up

We are applying an easy and affordable terms and conditions. No monthly fee applied, no minimum transactions, tier-based fee structure. Please email to pay@gudangvoucher.my for further details.



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