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merchant registration
Nov 18, 2019

Are you an Individual or a Company which :
  1. Providing service or selling goods from the internet through your own webstore?
  2. Willing to have your own webstrore and ready payment channels?
  3. Seeking alternative payment gateway non credit card that covers Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam?

If you are one of them, we are widely open for you to merchant partnership program

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email then our marketing staff will gladly reply your inquiry either by phone or by email at cs@gudangvoucher.my

Merchant terms & conditions

Definition :
  1. Merchant is an individual or company or other entity which providing their goods and services to end users either via Internet commerce, Mobile commerce, or other channel of distribution not limitid to conventional store.
  2. GudangVoucher.my distribute merchant's payment with mechanism of voucher code with merchant's own voucher branding.
  3. The partnership options based on consignment based or prepaid based.
  4. Merchant share commission with options of fixed amount or percentage per transaction.

Merchant terms & conditions :
  1. Having a valid identity and registered company in the country of operations. A valid business entity and address is required for Company, and a valid identity card or Passport is required for personal/individual application.
  2. Holding bank account in Malaysia preferable with GV Banks.
  3. Having your own web-commerce site, Mobile commerce, or a store.
  4. Fully responsible and having a good will of delivering the products and services with providing the appropriate customer service.

For further enquiries, please contact cs@gudangvoucher.my or download GV Merchant Application Form here. You may fax to completed form to 03 7971 5852.

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