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Nov 18, 2019
Frequently Answers & Questions
1. Ask: What is GudangVoucher.my?
Answer: GudangVoucher.my is a website which provides internet micropayment through voucher code electronically. The voucher code will be shown on virtually on the website instead of deliver the physical card to users.
2. Ask: Why should I transact with GudangVoucher.my?
Answers: We have excellent service and payment confirmation system where your payments may be confirmed instantly, automatically, without hassle of emailing our staff.
3. Ask: Who is the developer and owner GudangVoucher.my?
Answers: Buana Media Technology Sdn. Bhd. domicile in Malaysia, a subsidiary company of PT. Buana Media Teknologi domicile in Jakarta, owner of leading micropayment gateway in Indonesia - https://www.gudangvoucher.com
4. Ask: How and when to contact customer service?
Answers: Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may contact usby email at cs@GudangVoucher.my. We will be providing customer service by phone soon.
5. Ask: Why should I register in order to purchase?
Answers: It is easier and important for us to track your activities when you are registered. All payments, list of purchased items are recorded forever on our database under your account. If you are our frequent and loyal member, our loyalty programs have many attractive gifts and promotion awaiting you.
6. Ask: Do you charge for membership?
Answers: No. GudangVoucher membership is free.
7. Ask: Could I see my purchased history?
Answers: Yes. Go to "Purchased Items" in the ACCESS area after login to your GV account and you will have access to see your purchased vouchers at anytime.
8. Ask: Could I see my payments history?
Answers: Yes. You may access to "Payment History" from the ACCESS area.
9. Ask: How to make payment?
Answers: Payment can be done by bank transfer or cash deposit into GV's Banks account. You may use any banking facility (ATM, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, cash deposit machine or Mobile/SMS Banking) to initiate the payments. Please refer to the User guide area under Top Up Balance for more information.
10.Ask: Why should we do Confirm Payment?
Answers: Your payment has to be reflected in your GV account. In order for us to synchronize the payment from the bank, you are required to perform the payment confirmationusing GV account. The process is to update GV balance from the payment that you made at your bank.
11.Ask: I cannot determine the image code on confirmation page, what should I do?
Answers: Just refresh your browser by typing F5 key. Your image code should be updated with a new code.
12.Ask: Why should you limit cart to only 10 items?
Answers: The reason is when the items has been booked at cart system, it deduct our stock. So we have to control our stock by limiting cart contents and limit time to 1 hour. We are sure it is not making you uncomfortable. You can put another items after you succeed doing checkout.
What is a Shopping Cart Time Limit?
Answers: The same answer with question 12 above. We suggest that you to proceed to confirm payment earlier or checkout before exceed 1 hour. Alternatively you can freely delete or adding items at anytime.
14.Ask: Upon payment, when will I obtain the confirmation?
Answers: If you are making payment within GV's Banks, please allow 15 to 30 minutes for our system to synchronize the payment in your GV account. For GIRO payment (non GV's Banks), Please allow 1 business day for the synchronization process. Alternatively, you may perform payment confirmation process within GV account once the payment is cleared.

If you made a payment during the bank system maintenance period, please don't worry about your payment. Itwill be synchronized after bank system maintenance and you may try payment confirmation process again.
15.Ask: What if I don't have enough GV balance?
Answers: You may not be able to continue the checkout of your cart if you have not enough GV balance on your GV account. You may freely makeanother payment deposit to increase your GV balance.
16.Ask: If my payment is more than total purchased amount (billed items). What will happen?
Answers: The balance of the payment will be treated as credit balance in your GV account. You may utilize the balance during your next purchases. For example, your total billed for the purchase is RM35.50. If you deposited RM40.00 then you will have GV balance RM4.50 after you made your checkout.

Please be advised that your GV balance is non-refundable unless there are some reasonable caseson which we will refund to you after investigation.
17.Ask: Can I use credit card for payment?
Answers: We are currently disabling this feature for Malaysia members until further notice. The only option now is only Bank Transfer or cash deposit through GV Banks.
18.Ask: What should I do if failed to confirm my payments?
Answers: You may contact our customer service by emailing to cs@GudangVoucher.my by giving us your payment information such as date of the payment, amount paid, payment method (internet banking, ATM, mobile or cash deposit) and the bank that you make the payment. Our Staff will immediately check your payments through our internet banking facility manually as soon as possible.
19.Ask: What if the voucher code somehow invalid, expired, etc?
Answers: We make sure all vouchers are valid and will not expire. This is part of our agreement with our merchants the voucher owners. If in any case you're experiencing this problem, you may contact them directly or we may facilitate by forwarding your complaints to their customer service.
20.Ask: How do I check your price is reasonable or cheaper?
Answers: We have agreement with our merchant that they control the price. So it should be less or at least the same as their retail price.
21.Ask: I don't any bank account, can I still make the payment?
Answers: Yes, you may come to any GV Banks branch at your discretion to make cash payments at the counter or cash deposit machine (CDM). Then, you may proceed to Confirm Payment or email us the payment deposit receiptand your GV username, date and amount deposit and which bank you made the payment. We will do manualupdate ofyour GV balance upon confirmation of the payment in GV Banks.
22.Ask: Can I pay from other bank's account, non-GV's bank?
Answers: If you have account from other banks within Malaysia, you can do an inter-bank GIRO transfer payment via MEPS. Please make sure you're entering right information of GV Banks information as shown in the User Guide area under Top Up Balance.

Please email us cs@gudangvoucher.my your payment information such as your bank name, bank account number, bank account name, transaction reference number, date and amount transferred. We will update your payment into your GV account manually as soon as we receiving your payments at our bank account.

Note: For inter-bank GIRO transfer, it required 1 business day to clear the fund in our bank account.
23.Ask: What type of security control on your website?
Answers: We are using 128bit SSL security standard where we obtained the QuickSSL certificate from GeoTrust.@@
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